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Our Story

Mercurio Swim was conceived and launched in 2018 by Paul Crist and fashion designer Todd Barnes with a mission to create men’s swimwear of high quality, excellent fit, and limited production for local guys and tourists in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Our store opened at the end of May 2018, and we quickly realized that our customers—many visiting Puerto Vallarta from other cities in Mexico, the United States, Canada, and elsewhere—loved our swimsuits, and wanted to know how to get them when they went home to their own cities. It was clear that we needed to tell our story, and make our beautiful line of swimwear available to a wider audience. Our website and online store is designed to do that.

The swimwear line was designed in order to address several shortcomings we saw in the men’s swimwear available in local stores. In many stores, the quality of fabrics and notions (the thread, elastic, drawstring, etc. used in sewing) is poor. Attention to stitching is often lacking in factory produced swimwear—and poor stitching doesn’t hold up! The result of using cheaper materials and manufacturing methods is a swimsuit that does not wear well. The fabric and elastics lose their stretch. Stitching pulls loose. Colors fade. Sun, suntan lotions, pool chemicals and saltwater all affect the materials used in swimwear, so it is important to use the best available if the goal is a durable suit that will fit well for a long time.

At Mercurio Swim, we’re very serious about quality and quality control. We travel to hand select smaller quantities of the best fabrics. You can’t know the quality of a fabric from an image on a textile mill’s website. You have to touch it. You have to know what it’s made of and where the thread came from for the making of the fabric. You have to test a spool of thread to verify it’s strength and check it for flaws that make thread sew poorly. In other words, you have to “go there,” in order to know you’re buying quality.

And that’s just the beginning. Once you’ve found the best quality, you’ve got to have a pattern that is carefully designed for superb fit. You need a team of talented and trained garment makers. Sewing stretch fabrics like swimwear takes special machines and skills!

We do all this so that you can be confident in your purchase, and we can be confident that you’re going to love your swimsuit and come back for more!

Simply put, Mercurio Swim produces apparel that is stylish, well fitting, and durable. Our standards will never waver.

With many stores selling swimwear of the same cut and fabric, it’s common to see four or five men wearing the same swimsuit at the beach. Mercurio Swim produces very limited numbers of any swimsuit style and fabric. “Once it’s gone, it’s gone, and we won’t make any more of that style,” says Mercurio Swim designer, Todd Barnes.

The Mercurio Swim physical store is located in the “Zona Romantica” in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. The neighborhood is popular as an LGBT friendly tourist destination, and is home to a diverse population from around the world. Our workshop, where our swimwear is designed and made, is just a few blocks from our store. Store hours are 10 am until 10 pm.

Mercurio Swim and Hotel Mercurio, both located in Puerto Vallarta, are owned and managed by Paul Crist. Since inception of the Mercurio brand in 2002, our mission has been to earn our customer’s loyalty with high quality, excellent value, integrity and enthusiasm. We function as a team, operate ethically, and focus on meeting—and striving to exceed—the expectations of our customers.

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Hello and thank you for this blog is a true inspiration.. Melba Amble Cory

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