At Mercurio Swim, we launched our first collection of men’s swimwear in 2018. Our mission since the beginning has been to produce excellent quality and style at an affordable price point. Using high-quality fabrics, and careful hand stitching, Mercurio Swim produces apparel that is stylish, well fitting, and durable. Our quality has often been compared to some European and American-made brands costing 2 to 3 times more than our products.

Cheaper fabrics, elastics and thread tend to break down when exposed to swimming pool chemicals, salt water, sun and suntan lotions. The imported Italian elastic and luxurious fabrics that Mercurio Swim use will outlast cheaper materials. Stitching is another problem with more commercially produced swimwear. The precision of the stitching in the seams of the swimwear produced by Mercurio Swim ensure a long-wearing garment.

We also decided, early on, that we would produce only limited quantities of any one design. With many stores selling swimwear of the same cut and fabric, and a few big name, mass produced brands dominating the market (and the beach!), it’s common to see four or five men wearing the same swimsuit at the beach. By producing in limited quantity, and designing and printing our own fabric designs, you won’t likely show up to the beach or pool party to find that three other guys are wearing the same suit you are.

Initially, we made just 4 styles of swimsuits. Two bikini styles, a fuller-cut boxer brief, and a boxer or square-cut model. Since then, we’ve added swim shorts that are great for the beach or pool but also comfortable and fashionable enough to wear around town, at the gym, or just lounging at home. We also now offer T-shirts, tank tops, crop tops, shirts and kaftans. We’re constantly innovating, keeping a finger on the pulse of the fashion world and listening to what our customers want. Because we print our own fabric designs, we have number of tops and bottoms combinations with the same fabric design - for example a bikini made with soft, stretchy spandex, a matching tank top of comfortable t-shirt fabric, and a flowing silky caftan when you want a beach cover up.

Mercurio Swim and Hotel Mercurio are both located in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Since inception of the Mercurio brand in 2002, our mission has been to earn our customer’s loyalty with high quality, excellent value, integrity and enthusiasm. We function as a team, operate ethically, and focus on meeting and striving to exceed, the expectations of our customers.

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